Silva e Irmãos Lda


Irsil was born 56 years ago in a country and in a region where the tradition of clothing confection has become an icon.
As its name implies, it is a family-based company, which already has the second and third generations. If the founders had a strategic vision, the second generation was responsible for the development and internationalization.
Irsil has become a reference company in the clothing sector over the years, through mass production of suits, jackets, pants and shirts. Having always bet on young staff and in a modern and dynamic structure following technological developments.
As time went by, allied with the need and demand of the markets, we felt the obligation to develop a structure for the production of tailored suits, without forgetting all that was been producing over the last half century.
Silva e Irmãos Lda
We believe in responsible management and recognize the impact we have on the world, our strategic decisions are based on respect, so we are a reference in sustainable production, since most of the energy we use is solar, the raw material, whenever possible , recycled and all of our industrial waste is processed sustainably.
Throughout all these years the company has been creating a friendship and collaboration relationships with their customers and suppliers, having in them their business partners. All of this meets a product that excels in a quality of excellence, recognized by the customers.